Home Sweet Home


Well, it’s done. We arrived in Silver City on Tuesday.  That coincidentally was the seventh anniversary of our arrival in New Mexico. And our final day’s route home was the same as our route seven years ago.
It seems impossible to express my feelings about Odyssey.  I’m going to have to work on it. Everyone asks, how was the trip? And I’m kind of speechless, don’t know where to start.
Jackie and I were talking about it and reflecting on our favorite details. I have come to feel the best feature for me was the surprises. So many of the most important parts were unplanned. Stuff that just appeared.
I am very happy to be at home, but I already miss traveling.  And besides,  we have a ton of work to do to get our home in order.


Last Legs

We had a great time visiting my sister and brother in law in St George,  Utah. And now are on our way back to home.

Last night we camped in a beautiful national recreation area on Lake Powell.




Can’t believe we have been so out of touch  After spending a week in Silver City,  we traveled up through New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and landed on Ivanpah Dry Lake for the Blokart Landsailing National Championships.
Jackie took the opportunity to fly to Salt Lake City to chase more dead ancestors.
The sailing and the contest were fun and challenging. Most fun was visiting with old friends and making some new ones. Sometimes the sailing doesn’t even happen, but there is almost always a spectacular  potluck dinner in the evening.
I spent about ten nights in the trailer  dry camping (mostly on the dry lake).  However we had heavy rainfall which chased all the campers to high ground (a parking lot). It was quite an adventure.
Now I am sitting comfortably in my sister’s living room in St George, Utah. Jackie Flys in today and we will plan the final leg of our odyssey 


A Brief Stop

After a great visit to Hill Country in Texas (Fredericksburg), we aimed towards home.
Strong headwinds were forecasted in West Texas, so we ended up with the longest drive day of our trip (400 miles). It was worth it as the following day winds were up in the 30 Mph range. Not good travel trailer towing weather.
We unpacked the truck and trailer and are now repacking for the final leg of our odyssey.  This will include some of Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah and possibly Colorado. Then it’s home for real.

Galveston Island Kiteboarding

Kiting  on the Gulf offers some real challenge. Hard to see, but the swell (disorganized wind waves) is about head high. Trust me it was a real test with a 17 meter kite in light wind.IMG_8685 (2)-2

Don’t hear this as complaining, I’ve had 5 kiting sessions since arriving here and 2  have been kite-hydrofoil-boarding. Haven’t gotten much progress on that yet, but I’m trying!IMG_8694 (2)-2

Galveston Island Texas

We have been here a few days and the first two were great. I got to kiteboard and even got some tries on my hydrofoil kiteboard. Great fun!
Then the rains came. We had over 5 inches of rain in 24 hours. So we’ve been stuck inside.


Here is the view of the Gulf from the campground.


Here’s the view of the campground form the beach. Today is solid fog, 100 % humidity.

Although we aren’t offshore drilling’s biggest fans, we took a tour of an offshore drilling rig and museum. The sheer size and complexity is really impressive. Learned a bunch about the process and we may now replace our hybrid with an electric car  😉